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What To Do After a Knee Injury at Work

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Knee Injury

A job that involves a lot of bending and lifting can put stress on your joints. If something goes wrong, you can seriously injure your knee. Knowing the right steps to take when you are hurt on the job can help you heal and get back to normal more quickly.

Stop Using the Knee

The first thing you need to do when you have a knee injury is to stop using it. Specifically, you should take any unnecessary weight off the joint. Don’t keep walking around on an injured knee expecting the pain to just go away.

Take First Aid Precautions

Whether the problem is a strain or something more serious, basic knowledge of first aid is helpful. With knee injuries, you want to employ the RICE method:

  • Rest to prevent further injury
  • Ice to bring down swelling
  • Compress with a brace or wrap
  • Elevate the leg

Consult With Your Doctor

First aid alone may not be enough to fix the problem. You don’t know the best measures to take until you talk to your doctor. Even if the pain is not severe, you still need to set up a consultation so that you can get the appropriate treatment and a timeline for when you can expect to be fully recovered. It also gives you the paperwork you need to file a workers’ comp claim.

File Workers’ Comp Claim

When an accident on the job causes you harm, your employer’s workers’ compensation plan should cover the expenses associated with the injury. File a claim as soon as possible after the injury, including confirmation of your doctor’s diagnosis. If it is denied, consult an attorney who specializes in claims for knee injuries Oregon.

If you hurt your knee while on the job, there are several immediate steps you need to take. Taking care of your knee and getting the compensation you deserve can help make the experience as painless as possible.