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What Should You Do When Wrongfully Charged with Domestic Violence?

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Living your life happily may become a distant dream if, for once, your partner files a domestic physical abuse or violence claim against you. One such violence charge could make you suffer for months or years if you cannot prove yourself innocent. Your status will ruin in no time because if police find you guilty of intimate partner violence, they will take you into custody.

Many individuals face wrongful accusations of domestic violence and experience an intensely challenging time to absolve all charges. Without the help of a professional lawyer specialized in domestic law, it isn’t easy for an accused to get rid of undue stress and hassle. An attorney can come to your major rescue to counter the false charges against you and facilitate you to seek justice.

Taking the right steps without delay is of paramount importance if you are falsely accused of domestic physical violence. Here’s what you should do to prove that you aren’t guilty of any such violence and safeguard your reputation and freedom.

Contact a Professional Attorney

Make sure that without putting things off, you get in touch with a reputable and trusted lawyer who has years of experience handling cases related to domestic physical abuse and violence. The sooner you contact one such attorney; your chances to vindicate yourself increase. An expert lawyer leaves no stone unturned to collect solid evidence and contact an eyewitness who knows the truth, which is that the accused isn’t responsible for any violence.

Avoid Talking to the Police

Remember that you will only end up affecting your possibilities of absolving of domestic abuse charges if you talk to the police without your lawyer’s consent. Aside from a police officer, know that you should also stay away from opening yourself up in front of any sort of law enforcement personnel.

It is essential to keep your faith in your attorney and understand the seriousness of your situation when your partner or spouse, or ex-spouse files a domestic physical violence claim. Without having sound knowledge about the charges against you, making any statements is not wise.

Do not talk to Your Accuser.

You will do well for yourself if you stay away from communicating with your accuser. Time and again, you could become emotional, but what’s important is to stay mentally strong so that you can prove yourself innocent. Conveying any important message or exchanging any crucial information with your accuser will only increase your difficulties. You simply shouldn’t breach the no-contact order terms.

Record Every Event and Activity

To prove yourself not guilty of any domestic physical abuse and violence, one of the smartest things you can do is record every event you become a part of. You may forget important events due to immense stress. Hence, you should write down times, dates, and every activity you do or the names of the people you engage with while you are given time to prove yourself innocent by the court.

First and foremost, contacting a professional lawyer is imperative if you are falsely accused of domestic physical abuse and violence or sexual assault. Also, you should follow all the other vital steps mentioned above to acquit yourself of all false charges.