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Questions Worth Answering When Choosing a Collaborative Attorney

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Skilled attorneys are not an easy find these days, which is why it’s difficult to find the right one. Different attorneys have different approaches to their work. Some are collaborative and share information readily with clients, while others may prefer to keep things close at hand with minimal communication until deadlines approach.

It’s important to know what you need from your attorney before committing to a relationship with them. You must research their background before deciding. It is for this reason that you need to ask yourself the following questions before hiring one.

Are They Trained in Collaborative Law?

collaborative attorney should be an experienced attorney who has excellent knowledge of the collaborative law process. Before hiring a lawyer, make sure that they are trained for this specific type of law. It is important to find someone with experience and knowledge to ensure that your case will be handled well with no mistakes. The training should also include how lawyers can use technology to improve collaboration and how other technologies can help them do their job more efficiently.

Do They Also Handle Litigated Cases?

When you face a legal concern or issue, it is important to understand the consequences and the potential impact on your life. Litigated cases, in particular, can have a long-lasting impact on your future. Therefore, it is essential to choose an experienced attorney and have a winning track record when handling litigated cases.

The ability to win litigated cases that are lengthy and challenging to hand will reflect their ability to win a collaborative case that doesn’t involve lengthy procedures. One way to find out how experienced an attorney is at handling these types of cases is by looking at their past work and what they have won in the past. This will influence how they handle your case and whether they will do everything necessary to win it.

What Is Their Approach to A Collaborative Case?

Collaborative lawyers take a novel approach in their cases. They work together with the other party to find solutions to the case. Considering an approach to a collaborative case as a factor when choosing an attorney can be beneficial for several reasons. First off, it helps you to understand how your attorney will behave in court. Second, if you know you want mediation and not litigation, then this is something you have to think about when choosing an attorney. This is also beneficial for attorneys because it allows them to choose clients who are more likely to agree with their approach and work alongside them to find a solution.

How Much Do They Charge on Average?

When hiring a lawyer, it is important to know the charges and what they entail. Lawyers’ charges vary depending on the type of law or cases they handle. Some attorneys charge for their time, and others may charge per hour, per case, and service. Collaborative lawyers may also have unique charges based on their approach to resolving disputes. There is no one-size-fits-all for attorney fees, as many factors can influence how much an attorney will cost you and what you get.


A collaborative attorney will help you negotiate agreements about sensitive parenting or financial matters. They will also guide you to help you communicate with your spouse clearly and constructively. But this is not the case until you choose the right team. If you are in Boulder, Boulder collaborative divorce can serve you in the best way possible. They are there to provide solutions that meet both parties’ needs so that you can continue building a healthy relationship with your spouse despite the challenges of divorce.