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How To Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney

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Bankruptcy Attorney

Facing financial trouble is stressful. It affects your relationships and mental health. You may have tried to ignore your dwindling finances, but there comes a point when you have to face the fact that you need help. Bankruptcy is not something you enter into lightly and having a great attorney can help you through the process. These are tips for finding the right attorney.

Review the Types of Bankruptcy

Before you start searching for a bankruptcy attorney Columbia MD, you need to do some research. You have a choice of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, so it is vital that you understand the conditions of each. For example, to qualify for Chapter 7, your income needs to be below the state’s mean income. However, you may still qualify based on a six-month review of your income. Chapter 13 filing requires that you are current on your tax filings. You also need to provide details about all your income sources so that your creditors and the judge can determine how much you can pay each of your creditors and when they should expect these payments.

Search for Local Attorneys

Your next step should be finding an attorney. First, you should ask anyone you know who has gone through this process about their attorney and experience. In addition, you can ask attorneys you know and have worked with in other fields for their suggestions. You can also contact your state bar for suggestions or a list of bankruptcy lawyers in your area.

Next, research each attorney. Go through their websites and online reviews. Then, check their status with the state, the local chamber of commerce and the Better Business Bureau.

Request a Free Consultation

Your final step should be requesting a free consultation. The attorneys should let you know how strong your case is and what to expect. However, ask about their bankruptcy law experience and what percentage of their practice is in this field. Learn about their resources and who will be working on your case. Find out if they can fit you into their schedules. Ask about fees.

Get in the best position to experience financial relief by finding the best bankruptcy attorney in your area.