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5 Things Every Notary Needs in Their Notarial Kit

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Are you a newly appointed notary who cannot wait to go out and help your community? Great! Notaries are invaluable public servants who perform important tasks essential to the functioning of the American economy and legal system.

To fulfill your new notary duties, you need to be properly equipped. Here are five essential notary supplies you should always have on hand when you go out on an assignment.

1. Notary Journal

A notary journal is a record of all the acts performed by a notary during their tenure. Journal requirements vary state by state, but it is best practice to keep a thorough, factual account of your notarial acts; this will protect you and the public should a notarization ever be called into question.

2. Notary Stamp

Nothing is more exciting than receiving your official notary stamp! Stamps can only be ordered from a select number of authorized vendors, which varies per state; the list of vendors available to you should be included in your commission materials. Purchase a second stamp just in case your first one is lost or damaged.

3. Ink Cartridges

Most notary stamps are self-inking. Eventually, they will require a refill. Make sure to have a few extra ink cartridges on hand. Nothing is worse than pulling out a dried-up seal in front of a client.

4. Inked or Inkless Thumb Printers

Most notarizations require thumbprints to be official and valid. Always keep a few standard ink pads or inkless thumb printers with you. If you are unsure which option is appropriate for your region, check with the office of your Secretary of State.

5. Bonds and Insurance

Notaries can be sued for small and unintentional mistakes. To protect yourself, make sure that you have a surety bond and errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. No one intends to make a mistake, especially during important legal proceedings, but it is better to be safe than sorry – make sure you are covered.

Becoming a notary is an exciting and fulfilling prospect. Ensure that you are prepared for the task by properly equipping yourself for the job.