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4 Reasons a Judge May Decrease Your Bail Amount

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When someone is arrested and charged with a crime, he or she typically prefers to return home until the court date. This way, arrestees can be with their family and continue fulfilling various responsibilities. Unfortunately, financial issues often prevent people from posting bail. Consider four factors that may help lower your bail if you ever face a problem with the justice system.

1. Your Attorney Argues Against the Original Amount

Although you may be able to find many options for affordable bail bonds Williamsport PA, attorneys often have the power to lower bail amounts, so your bondsman’s fee is not as great. Generally, your legal representation must provide a strong argument for why your bail was set too high.

2. You Have Little to No Criminal History 

Judges often increase the standard amount of bail money owed when an arrestee has a long RAP sheet. Parole violations and violent crimes are especially likely to lead to higher bail. Conversely, first-time arrestees may receive a lower bail amount. 

3. You Are Not a Flight Risk

The purpose of setting bail is to ensure that those charged with a crime attend their court date. If you can prove that you are unlikely to flee the area upon release, a judge may be more willing to decrease your bail amount. Factors that suggest a person is not a flight risk include having family in the area, a job, and minimal financial resources. 

4. You Do Not Pose a Threat to Yourself or Others

Finally, you are more likely to receive a lower bail amount if you do not seem predisposed to violence. If a judge suspects you may be a danger to anyone upon your release, you may be given a high bail amount or even be denied bail altogether.

Though some factors that affect bail amounts are out of your control, it’s important to understand these criteria so you know what to expect if you are ever arrested. Keeping a clean record and cooperating with law enforcement agents are the best ways to avoid unreasonable bail amounts.